PCAS 50th Anniversary

Please join us in the

50 YEAR CELEBRATION OF PCAS on March 6, 2021. 


This will be a live/virtual event.  A Live Sabbath School and Church Service will occur in the morning with virtual breakout sessions in the afternoon.

Sabbath School will begin as usual at approximately 10:40 AM, followed by our Second Worship Service which will be focused on Port Charlotte Adventist School and Christian Education.


If you would like to join Sabbath School and Worship Service online, our YouTube URL is:



Click here to be redirected to our YouTube page.


We are also looking for good quality photos and your memories as we prepare for this event.  Memories might include:

                1. What life lessons did you learn at PCAS that have impacted                           your life?

               2. How did your favorite teacher bring creativity into daily                                     learning?    What personal characteristics makes you                                       remember them.                                   

               3. Recall projects and school sponsored outings that were                                   meaningful to you.  (bike-a-thon, music festival, outdoor                                 education etc.)#

              4. And of course, those “remember when” events.


www.pcadventistschool.com or pcasadventistschool@comcast.net

The afternoon session will be available online via Microsoft Teams beginning at 3 PM.

Click here to be redirected to the MS Teams page to join the virtual afternoon program.