News Notes




The monthly church newsletter will be available by email at the end of November.  Contact the church office at with the first and last names and email addresses of all in your household who wish to receive it.


If you wish to directly access the newsletter website, click here.


Our YouTube URL is


An outdoor SS event is planned for December 5 from 9:45 – 10:45. This is for Kindergarten through Teens and Youth.  Welcome!


PCAS will present a Christmas Worship Service program on December 12 at our 11:00 am service.


Please join our Wed prayer meeting at 6 pm; be a part of God’s blessings!


Please bring shoeboxes to the church office for a homeschool mom.


Sign up for You Tube (free) and access our live-streaming services.


Contact church office if you would like to help with student care packages! If you know of students that could use some cheer, let us know.


We are searching for a new Church Office Manager, please apply if interested.  Call the church office if you have any questions.  The position is now posted on the Florida Conference Website.


If you are interested in an outdoor service during cooler times of  COVID-19 precautions, please let the church office staff know.


Please leave the tape attached to the designated pews so we may continue with social/physical distancing in accordance with CDC recommendations.


If you prefer to view your Sabbath School Lesson online, you can log on to or click here.  You can find many resources to enhance your Sabbath School Lesson study and most materials are printable.


The Audio-Visual team is looking for fresh faces and willing hearts.  Please see Troy Peterson or Kevin Goode at the A/V booth after worship service.  Young and old alike are welcome to join the A/V team.


If you are working with children under the age of 18 in ANY capacity at the church, you MUST complete a security process and background check.  Log on to or click here and select "First-Time Registrant"