Bulletin Announcements



THE PORT CHARLOTTE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH is closed at least until April.  All meetings and services are cancelled.  There will also be no bulletins published during this time.



CHURCH WORK BEE ON APRIL 26 FROM 8:00 AM TO 2:00 PM: Many hands make light work!  Come socialize with your church family and help spruce up our beautiful church! Any questions? Call Pastor Art. We look forward to rolling up sleeves with you!



PLEASE INCLUDE VBS IN YOUR SUMMER ACTIVITIES!  The train will be pulling through on June 15-19.  Admission to the train is for children now in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Older young people, who are interested in developing their gifts of leadership, please contact Donna Judy at 941-787-0222.



AV TEAM MEMBERS NEEDED!   Every week our teams work to ensure the program is heard and seen in the sanctuary and broadcast via the internet to our members, to our community, and around the world.  The needs required to accomplish this are growing.  We need people with interest, willingness and commitment to learn and who are looking for a fun and rewarding way to serve! Please consider serving our God and our church with us.  Thanks in advance for your prayerful consideration of helping our church!  Please call Todd Lang at 941-391-1922.




SINGLE MOTHERS MINISTRY is continuing. We need the following items for two more baskets: crib sheets, white socks, receiving blankets, white onesies, sleepers and books so mothers can interact with their babies. All items need to be new, size 0-3 months and gender-neutral colors (white, gray, green, yellow). We are also accepting donations to purchase a car seat. If there are questions, please call Donna Judy 941-786-0222. Thank you for filling a need in our community.


OUR CHILDREN’S CHURCH NEEDS YOU!  Do you want to get involved with our children’s departments?  There is a huge need, and you are just the one we’ve been looking for! If you’d like to work with our Children’s Church, please contact Danielle Roye at danielleroye@aol.com


SPANISH CHURCH ANNOUNCEMENT: We start Sabbath School at 9:30 am and Divine Worship at 11:00 am.  Visitors and members can join us.  All are welcome


IF YOU WOULD LIKE A PASTORAL VISIT from Pastor Jaime or Pastor Art, please contact the office.  Thank you.


BIBLE STUDY--THE BOOK OF ROMANS: THEME CHRIST, OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS:  John Peters will lead this verse by verse study with handouts as part of the Wednesday evening prayer meeting at 6:00 pm. Find your assurance in Christ alone as we anticipate the Second Coming of Christ.


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY AT PCSDA SCHOOL: If you love children and would be able to stop by the school next to the church to read a book with a student for 30 minutes a week when it best fits your schedule, please call me at 941-875-5103.     —Lucinda Lang


CHILDREN’S MINISTRY is searching for names and addresses of our high school, college and university students. We want to send, or present to them, boxes of blessings from their home church. There are forms to fill out at the Resource Center in the foyer. Last year, because of your generosity, 29 students were blessed.


REVELATION BIBLE STUDY will meet in Room 116 on Thursday afternoons at 4:00 pm and Sabbath mornings at 9:30 am.  Your study material will be handed out at your class. We look forward to studying with you.


SAFE TRAVELS TO  DR. TONY DAMEFF as he will return to Bulgaria soon.  We wish him safe travels and good health.




SAFE TRAVELS TO JACK ROBERTS as he prepares to move back to Arizona.  We will miss you, Jack.



FLORIDA CONFERENCE MEMBERS:  Make sure your loved ones are cared for and protected through an estate plan designed for your needs.  To take advantage of this free benefit, contact us at Florida Conference Association Development and Planned Giving Department for more information at 407-644-5000, ext. 2241 or email us at planned.giving@floridaconference.com.  Blessings and thank you!


WEBSITE: If you have something that needs to be added to the church website, you can email it to Vic Meliti at pcsdawebsite@gmail.com.  Take time to check out the website and let him know on which page you would like it to appear.  If your group has a schedule, this can also go on the website.  If your group needs its own page, this can also be added.  Thank you.


WHEN RESERVING THE GRAND HALL OR KITCHEN, please call the church office to confirm availability of the date(s) you need.


Prayer List


Melanie “Mel” Babel; Thelma Campbell; Ines Carter;


Lucinda DelCastillo; Winston Dillon; Linnet Adassa Ellis; Ismael Felico;


Ann & Cleveland Forde; Manuel Gomez; Ray Hayes; Adrian Jackson;


Merline Jones; Owen Jones, Sr.’s family in Jamaica; Lionel Jordan;


Gloria Leiba (Wave Williams’ cousin); Allan Lightbourn; Sam Lightbourn, Jr.;


Lavida (Friend of Pastor Art); Lavie & Edie MacNeil;


Walworth Mantock (Wave Williams’ uncle);


Connie Martin; Loretta May; Ken McCarter (Marianne’s son);


Suzanne McCarthy’s brother, Tom Sheehan, is very ill;


Madonna Moore’s sister, Bernona; Norman Moore;


Jonathan Morauske, (Nancy & Ron Morauske’s son);


Hyacinth Nelson is in Signature Rehab after a stroke;


Luz & Yuly Peña; Daniel Richards; Pauline Samuels;


Sylvia Sewell; Gloria Willis;


Brennen Yunis (Suzanne McCarthy’s step-grandson)



Ministry Announcements


PLEASE NOTIFY the Church Office or the Pastors of any individual who is experiencing an illness and/or hospitalization and is desiring a visit.                                Prayer Requests:  churchoffice@pcsda.net.  Thank you.


SINGLE MOTHER OUTREACH NEEDS: Specific items for newborns are requested by Women’s & Newborn Coordinator at Bayfront Health for new single mothers.  This outreach ministry is designed to foster the attitudes and actions in our children by providing love and support to those in our community with a specific need.  Please place items in boxes in the children’s Sabbath School classrooms.


Diapers (Newborn/Infant)

Crib Sheets

Receiving Blankets



Bath Towels

Wash Cloths


Two (2) Books


WEDNESDAY MORNING PRAYER MEETING meets at 10:30 am in Room 204.  Bring your prayers, your concerns and singing voices!  We look forward to having you join us! 



                       Sunset March 21, 2020 - 7:47 PM



Musician Contact Information:


Philip Eyrich

7239 N. Plumb Tree

Punta Gorda, FL  33955

Cell:  941.740.0102