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THANK YOU for choosing to worship God with us today.  May you experience the welcoming presence of Jesus!  In the pew rack is a card inviting you to take the next step in your spiritual walk.   Please let us know how we may assist you.
PATHFINDER & ADVENTURER CLUB REGISTRATION will be immediately after church today in the foyer.  Forms will be available for the parents to complete at that time.  Thank you!        
50 + RETREAT FOR the Young at Heart at Camp Kulaqua!  
This year, our Young at Heart Retreat is combining efforts with the Florida Conference’s Retired Workers Convention. We are planning a fantastic program and are looking forward to sharing it! We believe this program will be a wonderful opportunity for our senior adults to come to camp and receive a blessing. We provide the opportunities You provide the memories Call us: 386.454.1351
OUR HEARTS ARE DEEPLY SADDENED at the passing of our dear friend Ashley Robertson.  Please keep the Robertson & Selent families in your prayers.  The service will be Sept. 22 at 2:30 pm here at the church.
Please join us Sabbath, Sept. 22 for Pot Luck following the church service in honor of Ashely Robertson. They are planning on a haystack bar or your favorite dish. Thank you.
Health Ministry Meeting will meet on 9-22 right after church service in room 109 to start programming a healthy Holiday cooking presentation.  Any volunteer for this event will be appreciated and welcomed.  Please come right away after church. We will try to make it short and sweet!
Please go to facebook.com/pcsdachurch.  If prompted to log in, and you do not have an account, just press “Not Now”. You do not need a Facebook account to view the streaming.

DO YOU USE ONLINE GIVING to return your tithe and offerings?  Do you occasionally have trouble logging in through the church website?  You can log in directly at adventistgiving.org, and it will allow you to select your church of choice to complete your donations to God’s work.

Melanie “Mel” Babel (friend of Rudy Bates); Rudy Bates; Veronica Campbell;
Ines Carter; Vincent Carter; (Deta Lightburns’s uncle);
Jeannette Dare fell down steps in PA, and broke her neck (friend of Marianne McCarter); Yvette Daphnis; Winston Dillon; Nicholas Dodd; Linnet Adassa Ellis;
Ismael Felico; Tom Flynn; Ann Forde; Barb Goffin; Ray Hayes;
Adrian Jackson; Adele Jennings; Dorothy Jones; Merline Jones;
Owen Jones, Sr. (back problems);
Lionel Jordan; Juan Lamboy; Allan Lightbourn; Sam Lightbourn, Jr.;
Marianne McCarter; Suzanne McCarthy; Cort McLeod;
Norman Moore; Betty and Don O’Neal; Daniel Richards;
The Robertson & Selent families at the passing of Ashley Robertson;
Pauline Samuels; Sylvia Sewell; Roushan Singh; Anita Thompson; Jordan Walsh;
Leslie and Helen Wint and their son Keith;
Brennen Yunis (step-grandson of Suzanne McCarthy)

If you have a prayer request and would like to be added to our list, you may email it to requestforprayer@pcsda.net


PLEASE NOTIFY the Church Office or the Pastors of any individual who is experiencing an illness and/or hospitalization and is desiring a visit.  Prayer requests: churchoffice@pcsda.net.  Thank you.
NAD SUMMIT ON ABUSE – September 25, 2018. End it Now will be hosting a free online summit, teaching participants about abuse and how to help in a dangerous situation. Registration is free for anyone who wishes to participate. Learn more and register at enditnowNorthAmerica.org
Are you interested in sharing one of the most powerful and transforming truths in all of scripture with your friends, family, and community?  The Port Charlotte Church is starting a ministry which will equip you to do just that.  We are looking for at least twelve individuals who would be interested in being part of an endeavor to share copies of two books; Steps to Personal Revival, and Abiding in Jesus, both authored by Helmut Haubeil.  These books have already transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.  If you are interested, or would like more information, please join Cort McLeod and Pastor Brian in the Spanish Sanctuary immediately following the service next week, Sept. 8. Lunch will be provided for those involved in the training. You may also contact the church office at 941-629-1333.

WOMEN’S RETREAT is January 4-6. You can register at flsda.us/deliverance or call 407-644-5000, ext. 2151 for both English and Spanish. Both will be held during the same weekend.

HOSPITALITY LEADERS ask that you would please check at home to see if you have any spatulas, serving dishes or towels that need to be returned to the kitchen.  Thank you!


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SUNSET September 15, 2018
 7:33 PM

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