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THANK YOU for choosing to worship God with us today.  May you experience the welcoming presence of Jesus!  In the pew rack is a card inviting you to take the next step in your spiritual walk.   Please let us know how we may assist you.

MEETING CHANGES:  Due to the holidays, there will be a change of times for the following boards/committees. They will all take place on November 27th. School Finance at 5:00 pm, School Board at 6:00 pm, and the Administrative Board at 7:00 pm. 

VOIGT FAREWELL POTLUCK TODAY:  Please join us as we spend this special time with the Voigt family.  We are so sad to see them leave, but are very excited about the wonderful opportunity they will have in their new church.  God Bless!

BEGINNING TODAY immediately after the Worship Service, at the front of the Sanctuary, we will meet to pray for family, friends or yourself, WHERE YOU DON’T HAVE TO PRAY ALONE.  This will be an ongoing ministry.

ALL SINGERS!  The next two choir practices are scheduled for November 24th and December 8th at 6:30 pm in the music room.

OFFERING FOR ADVENTIST COMMUNITY SERVICES on December 9:  Your offering on December 9 will allow Adventist Community Services to continue assisting people with their physical, social, mental, and spiritual needs.  To learn more, go to communityservices.org.

JOIN US THIS EVENING at 5:00 pm for a musical vespers presented by Mary Grace.  You’ll be inspired by her awesome music and testimony as she shares the unconditional love of Jesus.

THE GOFFIN FAMILY sends thanks for the prayer quilt, cards and support after Wayne’s fall.  He is home recovering, but Barb is in the hospital now.  Continued prayers are much appreciated. 

QUILTING MINISTRY will meet tomorrow at Fran Wilson’s home.  If you need directions and would like to come, please call Fran at 941-276-1906 or Andrea at 941-916-2824.

DO YOU USE ONLINE GIVING to return your tithe and offerings?  Do you occasionally have trouble logging in through the church website?  You can log in directly at adventistgiving.org, and it will allow you to select your church of choice to complete your donations to God's work.
Ron Barber; Susan Byrd; Ines Carter;
Edrel Coleman (grandmother of Troy Peterson); Yvette Daphnis;
Winston Dillon; Linnet Adassa Ellis; Ada and Ismael Felico;
Ann Forde; Lloyd Gordon; Ray Hayes (brother of Bob and Richard Hayes);
C. Lee Huff; Adrian Jackson; Michel Janvier; Kyle Javer;
Owen Jones, Sr.; Merline Jones; Lionel Jordan; Julie Kuemmerle;
Juan Lamboy; Victoria Lawson; Allan Lightbourn; Sam Lightbourn, Jr.;
Marianne McCarter’s son, Kenneth; Suzanne McCarthy;
Miro Manester; Connie Martin; Betty and Don O’Neal;
Rosina Pascual; Daniel Richards; Ashley Robertson;
Pauline Samuels; Sylvia Sewell; Roushan Singh; Joanna Smith;
Mavis Spyke; Anita Thompson; Janet Voight; Leslie Wint
If you have a prayer request and would like to be added to our list, you may email it to requestforprayer@pcsda.net

WOMEN’S RETREAT Early Bird registration begins Oct. 16 – Nov. 30.  Please gather your group of roommates and contact Camp Kulaqua for registration. The ages are 11 and up.  Dates are Feb 2-4, 9-11, and Española 16-18.   The theme for this year is “God in Me”.

PASTOR HUFF has spent three long weeks in the hospital. He is home now but not yet ready to have visitors.  He and Barbara both greatly appreciate your prayers and cards.

CELL PHONES NEEDED FOR SENIORS AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIMS: “Secure The Call” offers an excellent public service that refurbishes used cell phones, smart-phones, iPads and other personal electronic devices to put back into communities for 911 use by those in need.  Visit https://www.securethecall.org/ to find out more.  Thank you!

AID FOR DOMINICA:  Please donate non-perishable food to this needy cause, placing items in the barrel in the church lobby. Attached to the barrel are envelopes to place an offering which will help to defray shipping expenses.  Thanks so much for the donations already given.

PLEASE NOTIFY the Church Office or the Pastors of any individual who is experiencing an illness and/or hospitalization and is desiring a visit.  Prayer requests:  churchoffice@pcsda.net.  Thank you.

​Mary Grace in Concert


​Vespers with Laura Whidden-Wetterlin.  Date TBA

SUNSET November 18, 2017
 5:36  PM

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Philip Eyrich
7239 N. Plumb Tree
Punta Gorda, FL  33955
Cell:  941.740.0102